Mexamérica / dossier / Mayo de 2018

Donauta Watson


Prayers of an Immigrant Worker

Hear me. See me, you in me, let you be seen Let me never make a mistake Let me never fail, fall, fake or fight —it’s fixed. “What part of my order did you not understand? Are you slow or something?” (yes yes actually I kind of am) Let my writing be tangible, let me overstand seeking seeking to see beyond the glittering gold Let me remember that very tall order 3 apple pies a la mode red, red, wine —for that lovely lady on table 9 Let me be nice. Help me to keep this smile (Yuh kno sey yuh tink too much just get the goddamn pie)

Hey hey stand still (eyes squinting) flames from the candle flickering What does that shirt say!: prettiest women in the world?

ugh, I’ ve seen prettier —(This bumba ras…) Let me be kind Let me be patient giving and wise Miss. Hot water w/lemon? (dutty uhman dutty dutty uhman. she nuh know seh mi will spit in her cup) (kmt, mi hungry unhu) Sustain me, lord, lord sustain me Sustenance sustenance I love my job, I love my job, I love my job. I do. I do. I do. I do Work you are my beloved

A Lover’s Prayer

Without you, I cease to be beloved I hide myself, my true self from you, within you beloved Let me be productive (yes, yes, proooooducctiveee I will be) Teach me to please you I surrender myself to you beloved O’ come let me sing praises to you beloved

I killed a fly today. I dropped the slat. I smoked a cigarette. And in slow motion, I watched as the smoothies fl-lewwwwww from my hands and hit the concrete smiles of table 5. I saw my other, other self take the pen from the guest check and crab out the piercing eyes.

I’m so embarrassed. I’m so ashamed. This love is rotten, it stinks. It’s pain But still, I love it And I still I try I remain faithful and still, I rise. Early, early in the morning to worship you beloved with a smile Because, you provide.